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One of the main features of LogicalDOC is full-text indexing of all documents to provide instant search results based on the content of files and metadata.

By leveraging the best of breed indexing technologies, LogicalDOC automatically indexes the complete contents of documents in the repository. To maximize performances and increase concurrency, the indexing procedure is asynchronous with a configurable scheduling policy. Different algorithms are applied depending on the language of the document so that the search will be very tailored and able to detect word variants that are specific for a particular language.

Benefits of this feature

  • Drastically reduces the need for data entry since the full content of a document is automatically indexed, and this is enough to find the desired information
  • Users are able to find the required information in a few seconds

Feature details

  • Background indexing with sheduling policies
  • Indexing algorithms for many languages
  • Support for the mostly used office formats (Microsoft Office, Open Office, PDF and many more)
  • Integrated OCR for extracting texts from images and raster PDFs
  • Search and Indexing from the Administrators' Guide
  • Full-text Search from the Users' Guide
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