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LogicalDOC DMS 8.8.6

LogicalDOC 8.8.6 is finally available for download and update

We are really thrilled about this new release which introduces various improvements, fixes problems and brings new features.

The key change is the additional functionality for obtaining confirmation of reading documents.

In practice, a user (subject to specific authorization) can request the reading of a document from a selection of users.
The user receives the notification via email, reads the document, and confirms reading the document when he reaches the last page.
The read confirmation button shows only on the document's final page.
At this point the requester receives the read receipt which is recorded as an event on the system and which can therefore be used in automation and workflow contexts.

To find out more, consult the dedicated article Reading Confirmation.

Here is the list of the main news:

  • New document viewing tickets without login
  • Security policies on automation procedures
  • Read confirmation on documents
  • Permanently disabling users in the event of a brute force attack
  • Add documents to your workflow without going through the clipboard
  • Graphical representation of system usage
  • View statistics on current system usage and historical usage
  • Support for Java 17
  • Automatic alerts in case of brute force attack

As always, the technical team is available for further details about the functions, while sales staff can follow you for price requests or demonstration organization.

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