Discovering updates in the LogicalDOC world

Discovering updates in the LogicalDOC world

We are delighted to tell you the latest news about the recent releases in the LogicalDOC universe.

LogicalDOC Enterprise v8.8.2 - 13/09/2022

LogicalDOC Enterprise document management software in Trial version, distributed as a self-installing package.
Available in both Windows executable and as cross-platform Java format.

These are the main news/updates:

  • Customizable fields initialization
  • Dependant drop-down lists (document attributes)
  • Enforce password strength
  • Firewall policies for URL contents

LogicalDOC Exporter v3.0 - 04/10/2022

It is a tool that allows you to export human-readable structures and documents from the document archive.

Here is the list of the leading news/updates:

  • Fixed bugs that compromised the efficiency of the export
  • Compatibility updated to LogicalDOC 8.8.1
  • Fixed issues with not allowed characters on folder names and document names
  • Flag to continue execution even in case of errors
  • Tracking of non-downloaded documents in separate .csv files
  • Effective counting of documents updated / downloaded / errors
  • Logging system update
  • Prepared file with a complete explanation of the configuration parameters

LogicalDOC Backup v1.6.2 - 13/10/2022

It is a tool for advanced backup of a LogicalDOC system. Includes options for incremental backup of all storage in an installation, saving the configuration, search indexes, and all the essential resources for a complete restoration.

Following are the significant updates/news:

  • Ant process control core updated
  • Logging system update
  • Fix to manage backup/restore options correctly
  • Tested on LogicalDOC 8.8.2

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LogicalDOC connects to Visio and Microsoft Project

We are thrilled to announce the release of LogicalDOC Office Add-in v4.0.0. This new edition enables the management of Visio diagrams and Microsoft Project documents.

LogicalDOC Office Add-in for Windows provides users direct access to LogicalDOC from within Microsoft Office 2013-2021/ Microsoft 365 applications.

You can edit all Office documents stored in LogicalDOC and save them back in the document archive. It performs all document Checkin-Checkout operations under the hood, making document versioning quick and easy. It also offers many file management features allowing you to work on the document archive from your Microsoft application without using the browser.

LogicalDOC Office Add-in allows you to search by filename or text on the content of files in the document archive.

In addition, the new edition of LogicalDOC 8.8.1 correctly treats Visio and Microsoft Project file types with appropriate icons and previews, and allows you to quickly launch the Office application dedicated to editing the document.

LogicalDOC DMS awards on SourceForge

LogicalDOC DMS Receives 4 Awards from SourceForge

SourceForge has bestowed four honors for LogicalDOC Document Management System for its excellence

It gives us great pleasure to inform you that LogicalDOC DMS has been honored with four honors from SourceForge, the largest software comparison directory globally.

These awards are bestowed on deserving projects that have achieved significant milestones regarding the number of downloads and the amount of user involvement received from the SourceForge community.

1- The Open Source Excellence Award Goes to LogicalDOC

Open source projects are eligible to receive the Open Source Excellence badge after they have reached the 100,000 overall downloads or attained 10,000 monthly downloads for the first time.

SourceForge: LogicalDOC wins Open Source Excellence

2- LogicalDOC is a Pioneer in the Community

When an open-source project has reached the milestone of 50,000 total downloads, the Community Leader badge is presented to the project's contributors.

SourceForge: LogicalDOC is a Community Leader

3- The Community has decided that LogicalDOC is the best option

The Community Choice badge is presented to open-source projects that have surpassed 10,000 total downloads and received positive feedback from users.

SourceForge: LogicalDOC wins the Community Choice

4- SourceForge users consistently vote for the LogicalDOC project

When open-source projects accomplish the milestone of 2,000 monthly downloads on SourceForge for the first time, the SourceForge Favorite badge is presented to the project's contributors.

LogicalDOC is a SourceForge Favorite

The fact that we were selected for these prizes out of more than 500,000 open source projects hosted on SourceForge is a significant accomplishment on our part. We're honored to be a part of the open-source community and to be able to contribute to a more open digital future.

Many thanks for putting your faith in us!

If you had a positive experience using the LogicalDOC DMS, please consider writing a review on our project.

About SourceForge is the largest software comparison directory in the world. It serves almost 30 million people per month. It has user reviews, product comparisons, software tutorials, and various other resources.

The goal of SourceForge is to assist organizations in locating the software that most closely matches their requirements and financial constraints. Businesses have access to a wide array of software tools. These tools may be broken down into virtually any category or subcategory imaginable, each designed to accomplish a somewhat different goal.

LogicalDOC 8.8

Released LogicalDOC version 8.8

LogicalDOC 8.8 is now available!
As usual, after a few months from the last news, we are pleased to inform you of the release of the next major release.
We provide a short list of the main news in chronological order from the most recent version.
For more information, please consult the attached links.

(LogicalDOC v8.8)

  • Time driven automation triggers
  • Customizable visualization of digital signature
  • User's personal signature
  • Automation routines in reaction to calendar event reminders

(LogicalDOC v8.7.3)

  • Configurable columns set in dashlets of type Document and Document Event
  • Integration with Duo Two Factors Authenticator
  • Passing dynamic parameters to stamps
  • More branding options (head, top, bottom, footer)

(LogicalDOC v8.7.2)

  • Restrict the visibility of templates to certain users and groups
  • Two factors authentication via email
  • Compatibility with PostgreSQL 14

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