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Zoho Docs integrated in the Document Management

Zoho Docs integrated in the Document Management

Zoho Docs is an online editing tool that allows you to edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations directly through your browser. It comes with limited capabilities of online document management, that's why you obtain the best productivity by linking both applications. The design behind this integration is to have LogicalDOC as the main application that handle your documents and Zoho as a useful web editor invoked when users want to modify contents stored inside LogicalDOC.

Zoho Docs integration with LogicalDOC enables users to edit the documents stored in LogicalDOC directly from Zoho. Users can revision their files without having to download them in their desktop and then edit them locally to upload back the new version. The integrated approach saves a lot of time and guarantees an automated version control. Apart of this online editing capability, Zoho also offers online storage with which you can store documents in your personal cloud and organize them in folders and subfolders. The integration we have developed in LogicalDOC takes advantage of this capability and makes it possible to exchange files between both applications: whole folders or single files can be imported from the Zoho account into a target folder in LogicalDOC where you have write permissions and in the same way folders and files in LogicalDOC can be exported into the Zoho cloud storage. In practice you can re-use contents already created and add to your personal cloud storage all the document management features implemented in LogicalDOC.

Import from Zoho Docs

With this integration, Users can easily share documents and collaborate on the same contents with their zoho docs accounts in complete coordination with our document management solution.

To have this feature up and running and share your files with Zoho there is nothing to install, the first time you want to use Zoho from within LogicalDOC, you have to properly configure the Zoho API in your Zoho account(please read the guide Configuring Zoho API) and then put your authorization key in Tools > Zoho > Settings

Starting from this moment you can use the Zoho Docs integration without further steps because your LogicalDOC and Zoho accounts are linked together.

Benefits of this feature

  • With zoho writer, Users can edit the documents by using the browser without the need of a local program
  • Users can upload files from LogicalDOC to their zoho docs account and vice/versa
  • Co-workers can edit online documents

Feature details

  • Secure connection with your personal Zoho account
  • Online editing and automated check in - check out
  • Create and edit documents
  • Sharing and collaborating
  • Export of file and folder into Zoho Docs
  • Password Protected files
  • Import of documents from Zoho Docs into LogicalDOC

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