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13 mai 2024

Secure storage of digital documents

Talking about the benefits of digital document archiving may now seem superfluous. All companies, large or small, have opted for or considered this possibility, given the numerous advantages it entails. The enormous reduction in the physical space necessary for storing documents, the organizational ease with which data can be cataloged and searched, the possibility of creating workflows to facilitate the sharing and traceability of records in real-time, and the immediate accessibility even online with the possibility of working remotely. Furthermore, there is a significant reduction in the environmental impact of archiving and a notable decrease in business costs, both in terms of printing costs and human resources.
Why, then, are we often not so calm about making the transition to digital document archiving? Along with the undeniable advantages, companies are aware of the risks or possible problems linked to this delicate process.
The most critical concerns undoubtedly concern security and data corruption or loss risks. Choosing adequate and safe document management software is essential to migrating our document archive with peace of mind.


Data security and cyber threats

While digitally stored, documents can be more vulnerable to cybersecurity threats like hacking, malware, phishing, and data breaches. If not adequately protected, sensitive information can be compromised, resulting in significant economic, legal, and reputational damage. LogicalDOC has implemented advanced protection systems and security protocols to address these risks. Security systems are integrated and automated on three different levels, and settings are highly customizable to meet the needs of any business. LogicalDOC has an integrated antivirus to check for any infected files and avoid their propagation within the management system.
LogicalDOC supports two-factor authentication, and you can set up firewalls to allow or deny access to certain hosts, networks, or sets of IP addresses. You can define policies to enforce a minimum quality of user passwords, set their expiration, and perform historical checks. The system also prevents Brute Force attacks, with the ability to set a maximum number of login attempts for the same username.
The files are encrypted during the import and export phases to minimize the risk of vulnerability to external cyber threats. Furthermore, LogicalDOC allows geolocalization of accesses as an additional security measure.


Archive tools against data loss

When migrating documents within a digital archive, it is necessary to ensure that the data is preserved correctly, is not susceptible to corruption, and access to the documents is not lost even in the event of hardware failures, software errors, or other disasters. Documents must be stored in secure repositories to be inaccessible to unauthorized parties and remain authentic and unaltered over time.

LogicalDOC has developed an efficient and fast document management service designed to adapt to every business need. It is compliant with international standards and can guarantee the protection, security, and accessibility of data at all times.
The LogicalDOC repository is designed to provide high scalability. If more storage space is needed, additional volumes can be added. The repository manages the import and export of archives quickly and securely without the risk of losing or corrupting data. Within each individual volume, the information contained can be compressed or encrypted, thus safeguarding access to documents even in the event of a server breach.
The LogicalDOC Backup tool is specifically designed to restore the archive in case of system damage or failure. It is tested to manage document archives with enormous quantities of data. It offers the possibility of saving on various types of support: local disk, network disk, FTP or SFTP server, etc. It allows incremental, differential, and full backup options and operates with transactional processes that always guarantee backup integrity.
LogicalDOC also has a specific archiving function for the most obsolete contents, which you still want to keep within the system but prefer to no longer be accessible to normal users. This function optimizes system performance, defines the life cycle of documents more precisely, and is completely configurable by the administrator, who can archive or restore data as he wishes.



Management software like LogicalDOC, which accompanies you in migrating your document archive, integrates perfectly with your activities, guarantees security, efficiency, and versatility, and supports your business, allowing it to save time, space, and resources while simultaneously increasing productivity.

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