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Multi Tenancy Architecture

Multi Tenancy Architecture

LogicalDOC is usually configured as a single-instance environment, where each tenant (instance owner) runs a single instance installed on a server or a cluster. However, with the multitenant option, LogicalDOC can run multiple instances on the same server, separating content archives and creating customized client environments.

In this case, the tenant becomes a logical partition of a large LogicalDOC installation, which in practice can represent, for example, a company branch or a department of a large company.

Each LogicalDOC tenant is isolated from the others but shares the same physical infrastructure: the database and server are the same, but the data is logically separate. Each tenant has its own document base, users, folders, and workflows. No user of a tenant can see users of other tenants, just as they cannot view or intervene in other people's documents.

Why should you consider this possibility? For example, you may be a single company with specific departments and different responsibilities, and you want them to be autonomous from each other. Or you may be a multinational with multiple offices that want to centralize specific policies, such as security and backup, but at the same time, you want each office to be independent.

Multitenant exists to deal with all situations that require watertight compartments in document management. At the same time, it wants to maintain a single point for implementing security and resilience policies without having many different dedicated installations, which could then develop discrepancies over time.

The multitenant solution allows you to have multiple document management environments (per location or department) without having to resort to a new dedicated installation each time. This significantly impacts expenses, as it optimizes user costs.

Furthermore, thanks to the CLUSTERING solution combined with multitenant, any problems that could arise on a server are effectively avoided, preventing these from having repercussions on LogicalDOC instances of other departments or branches.


Benefits of this feature

  • Host more clients in a single LogicalDOC instance
  • Share the costs of hadrware resources
  • Share the costs of software licenses
  • Share the general administration costs

Feature details

  • Each tenant has its own data structure: users, documents, templates ...
  • Superusers can switch from a tenant to another
  • Normal users can only access their tenant
  • Each tenant can be branded with custom logos

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